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Sabi and Mufid on Mars

English version

Well, it is not true, sabi and mufid are not going to Mars. However, I am going to outline how a humanoid is going to Mars in the very near future. That would start the effective colonization of the red planet.

With the advent of 3D printing, the first step will be to prepare a blueprint for a robust humanoid capable of surviving the harsh conditions on Mars. Most likely, this is a humanoid that would be based on ASIMO or one of the robots being developed for the DARPA robotics challenge. Most of the parts of the humanoid will have to be designed to be printed on a 3D printer, be it metal, plastics or otherwise.

The second step will be the launch of a vehicle with the humanoid and the 3D printer being on board. Now, the materials necessary for assembling other humanoids will have to be transported either on this mission or the following. The launch vehicle could be based on the one being planned for the Mars one mission.

The third step and the most difficult one will be the Mars landing and from there the start of the actual mission. In this case, the first humanoid will have to assemble the 3D printer, wire the whole initial setup with the power most likely coming from solar energy or nuclear energy.

Once the first few humanoids are built, the second phase will start and that would encompass the building of shelters and radio relays.


Version française

Bon, ce n’est pas vrai, Sabi et mufid ne vont pas aller sur Mars. Néanmoins, je vais indiquer comment un humanoide va aller sur Mars dans un futur proche. Cela va commencer la colonisation effective de la planète rouge. Continue Reading

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